More Power as DuPont & FSL Launch ‘POWER Pasta’

DuPont & FSL launched the ‘POWERPasta’ range of enzymes, which is a range of enzymes designed to improve the consumer sensory experience while also helping to manage raw material costs. The POWERPasta range of enzymes also helps reduce stickiness after cook- ing, helps prevent overcooking and improves the shape and appearance of pasta, all of which leads to a better dish of pasta.

The POWERPasta product range would help in maintaining taste quality, cooking and serving qualities and the authentic color of 100% durum pastas from pack to plate, while also helping food companies realize the significant raw material costs and saving potential of less expensive locally or regionally sourced wheat.

According to Dupont, consumers in markets on every continent are increas- ingly interested in locally sourced food products, but they aren’t willing to sacrifice on appearance, texture or taste, “POWERPasta range of enzymes offers a solution that leads to an improved culinary experience while helping producers generate greater profits by sourcing local wheat.”

Bite firmness measured by TA (Texture Analyzer)

POWERPastaTM 2000 and 3000 are statistically different from the reference.

This solution has never been more relevant; pasta’s popularity is soaring in the Middle East and Africa, where the dry pasta sector currently accounts for $3.2 billion and is expected to grow 7.3 percent by 2023. In Turkey, Egypt and South Africa alone, more than 1,400 dry pasta products have gone to market since 2016.

Combined with the knowledge and capabilities of our expertise this enzyme solution can improve quality attributes of your final product with reduced costs. We are honored to enable the combination of local ingredients and lower costs to enable delicious meals on a global scale.”