Beverage & Fruit Juice Concentrate Supplier

As one of the leading fruit juice concentrate suppliers in the MENA region, FSL supports its clients by developing top-quality juice ingredients consistently.

Our Juice and Beverage Ingredients Unit designs new applications and solutions with an extensive palette of juice concentrates, NFCs, compounds, pulps, purees, dices, pastes and flavours sourced from the world’s leading manufacturers in their respective fields.

Our techno-commercial sales team is armed with finest acumen in the juice and beverage industry and combined with our flavour specialists and in-house application lab in Dubai this enables our customers to conduct speedy trials, cost-engineer and innovate new products to keep them at the leading edge among juice ingredients suppliers in Africa and the Middle East.

For over three decades, FSL has played a key role in developing pioneering and leading brands within the Middle East juice and beverage industry with the mission to empower our customer’s brands to a leadership position through our innovative solutions and technical support.

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Supplying full range of natural ingredient solutions for juices smoothies and NFC (not from concentrates)

Orange Orange Apple Multifruit Mixes Peach Pineapple Slices Orange Ascorbic Acid
Apple Apricot Pineapple Multi-vegetable Mixes Apricot Pineapple Tidbits Mandarin Citric Acid
Pineapple Peach Orange Sports Drinks Mixes Tomato Tropical Fruit Mixes Lemon Vitamins
Coconut Water Apple Mango Energy Drinks Pineapple (Also available as Crush) Peach Halves Stabilizers
Pomegranate Strawberry Lemon CSDs Aloe Vera Apricot Halves
Grape Tomato Lime Healthy Drinks Mixes Mango Pulp
Pear Blood Orange Superfruits Mixes Guava Pulp
Mango Pulp (Aseptic, Frozen & Canned) Pear Fruit Mixes for 100% Juice products Tomato Paste
White Guava & Pink Guava (Aseptic, Frozen & Canned) Red Grape Olives
Tamarind White Grape
Chili Paste Partial & Fully Deionized Concentrates from various fruits
Date Paste Various Berries
Coconut Water
Date Syrup