FMCG Brand Distribution

FSL’s FMCG division manages the marketing and distribution of international FMCG brands across the retail and E-commerce sectors in the Middle East.

Our extensive network and long-term partnerships with distributors and key retail partners enables us to achieve maximum market penetration and exposure for brands that wish to enter and flourish in the fast-growing markets of the Gulf region.

Please contact us at the details above to discuss your requirements.

Safcol Canned Seafood

With over 70 years of experience, the South Australian Fishermens Co-Operative Limited (S.A.F.C.O.L.) is one of the world’s largest suppliers of fresh, packaged and frozen seafood.

Koka Noodles

Koka Noodles are an internationally recognized brand of Instant Noodles which combine consumer convenience with a delicious and tantalizing Asian taste profile.

Sanwa Noodles

The Sanwa brand has been delighting instant noodle lovers across the globe since its inception in 1986.