The optimal nutrition for newborn babies is their mother’s milk. It is designed to provide the perfect balanced diet and meet the needs of growing infants and is recommended worldwide by health organizations. When a mother cannot, or chooses not to breastfeed her baby, it is important to find an alternative source of nutrition that meets the infant’s needs.

What is INFAT® ?

The ultimate goal for infant formula producers is to offer a product as similar as possible in its ingredients to mother’s milk. INFAT® is a clinically-proven SN2 palmitate ingredient that mimics the fat structure and properties of human milk fat. Based on a patented enzymatic process, INFAT® provides structured triglycerides with a high level of palmitic acid in the middle position (SN2) of the triglyceride. This unique fat enables easy digestion and optimized uptakeof calcium, fat recovery, and energy. INFAT® is a specialized fat ingredient solution from AAK and Frutarom which has been proven in the market for over a decade.

Clinical Evidence?

New published clinical and preclinical studies of INFAT® demonstrate that it has positive effects on beneficial gut flora, intestinal health, infant bone strength and stool hardness. The studies also showed that infants fed with formula containing INFAT® cry less and sleep more. INFAT® may also have the potential to support healthy bone growth, improve fat and calcium absorption, improve healthy gut bacteria and offer better intestinal health which in turn strengthens the infant’s immune system.

This high-quality fat product is manufactured by Advanced Lipids– a joint venture between AAK and Frutarom. INFAT® is a specially structured vegetable oil with high level of SN-2 palmitate, also known as OPO, it mimics the structure of human milk fat and provides important benefits to the baby.

FSL has been supplying the highest quality infant formula solutions in the GCC for over 20 years. To support our customer’s infant nutrition formulation our expert technical team is always ready to assist with their vast experience and knowledge of infant nutrition formulation.

AAK opened its current state of the art factory to manufacture INFAT® in Karlshamn in 2008. Since then, sales of the product have grown significantly and the future factory expansion will enable AAK to increase production even further to meet the frowing depand for Advanced Lipids in the coming years.