AB Mauri-Diamond Instant Dry Yeast is available in Low, All Purpose & High Sugar Versions

A leading player in the yeast ingredients market. AB Mauri is headquartered in the United States and is one of the world’s largest companies with 39 factories around the globe.

AB Mauri boasts cutting-edge production sites with the most advanced technology and technical knowledge. They are backed by an extensive team of scientists and technologists with enormous competency in biotechnology and yeast manufacturing.

AB Mauri & FSL have launched a range of instant dry yeast with AB Mauri-Diamond brand, an exclusive brand for FSL in all of its territories.

AB Mauri-Diamond Instant Dry Yeast is available in Low, All Purpose and High Sugar Versions

A special yeast strain was chosen to develop an All Purpose Yeast for low sugar dough application such as breads, lean products, high sugar products, croissants, Danish pastries, donuts, brioches etc. in addition to hamburger buns and samouli.

Unique Features of AB Mauri-Diamond Instant Dry Yeast:

✅ High gassing power – produces high levels of CO2
✅ Fast acting in a range of temperatures and proofing conditions
✅ Quick dissolving in doughs – important in high speed mixers such as Tweedy

✅ Competes across all sectors of the yeast market – especially in the high-end sector

✅ Natural product (contains emulsifiers)
✅ Easy handling at mixer
✅ Efficient gas production in dough
✅ Consistent gassing activity
✅ Good storage stability – (Up to 24 months under the right storage conditions)

✅ Ambient storage
✅ Reduced storage volume
✅ Dosage compared to fresh yeast is 1 to 3
(Hence 300g of fresh yeast requires only 100g of dry yeast)
✅ Typical dosage is between 0.7% and 1.5% based on flour weight

GM, Vivek Upreti working with AB Mauri to improve bakery products in the FSL Lab in Dubai

AB Mauri & FSL’s bakery specialists possess extensive knowledge and expertise of each yeast strain for specific applications which meet varying consumer tastes and needs. The end results we offer are tailored products across a wide range of bakery applications including sandwich breads, baguettes, steam buns, flat breads, buns and rolls.