According to a survey of 23,000 consumers across the globe conducted by FMCG Gurus in September 2020, 72% of consumers are now making conscious decisions to purchase healthier food and beverage products.

The trend towards healthier eating has dominated the food industry for the past decade. The pandemic has accelerated this further to the point that health and immunity are now the most pressing consumer concerns today. Although this pandemic will eventually abate, the awareness of healthier eating is certain to remain along with the indelible impact this event will leave in our memories.

One of the key dietary and consumer trends taking place globally and in the GCC is the shift towards plant-based or flexitarian and reducetarian diets. Veganism is now the fastest consumer trend globally with a growth rate of 600% and some countries like the UK recording 987% growth. In the UAE we have seen the plant-based milk category grow approximately 50% (retail estimates) and the plant-based meat category expand from no brands in 2018 to almost 14 imported brands and 1 local player now in the market. Subway and Burger King have also launched their own plant-based offerings in the UAE.