Fats for Plant-Based Applications

Plant-based foods are trending across the globe and are now gaining traction in the GCC markets. To produce appealing and healthy plant-based foods, new ingredients are specifically tailored to optimize taste, nutrition and performance in this sector are essential. Fat applications in particular take special attention as a key ingredient that should replace animal fats but still deliver the taste, texture and mouthfeel. With much effort invested into research and development, our partner AAK has developed a range of innovative fat solutions for plant-based meat, dairy, bakery and confectionery alternatives.

AAK is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of value-adding specialty vegetable oils & fats. The company creates fat solutions for indulgent and better-for-you bakery, confectionery, and many other plant-based food applications. FSL and AAK’s innovation teams are introducing a wide range of multi-functional fat solutions which help manufacturers create plant-based versions of high volume products while keeping taste and texture intact.

AAK Innovative Plant-Based Range:

Pizza with Plant-Based Cheese Topping

The secret of a light and chewy pizza crust with a porous and open crumb structure, topped with a rich, creamy, and melting plant-based cheese pizza topping. AkoSunTM 46-53 XP is used to provide tenderness and lubricity to the pizza dough. Cisao® 8253-31-02 fat flakes create a more open crumb structure and larger air pockets to help lighten the bite and improve the visual appeal of the crust. AkoVegTM 107-12 provides the plant-based cheese pizza topping with a smooth texture and creamy mouthfeel, while also yielding clean sliced cheese shreds.

Plant-Based Butter (Hard and Spreadable Versions)

These smooth and creamy plant-based butters deliver a super-clean taste and satisfying mouthfeel with a clean and simple label.

Featuring AkoVegTM 115-14 in the hard butter category, this product remains stable at room temperature and AkoVegTM 158-44 – a spreadable butter for use on toast or bagels. These butters are both free from trans-fat and cholesterol, with saturated fat levels similar or lower than conventional butters to create a great “better-for-you” version.

Enrobed Caramel

A chewy caramel enrobed in confectionery coating featuring CebesTM 29-02 NH, a versatile non-hydrogenated palm kernel and palm oil used for coatings, caramels and inclusions. It provides an excellent melt-point, texture, snap, shine and bloom resistance for coating applications – for both plant-based and animal-based products.

Super Compound Praline

A smooth and creamy filling in a decadent dark chocolate super compound shell. Featuring Confao® 50, a premium filling fat that provides a smooth texture with a soft bite and quick melting point.

Compound chocolate coating features IllexaoTM CB 66, a cocoa butter equivalent that provides 100% compatibility with cocoa butter. Cocoa butter equivalents can also be used to improve the quality of softer cocoa butter in vegan and non-vegan applications.

With the versatility provided by one of the broadest lines of plant-based oils and fats in the industry and more than 150 years of experience, AAK resolves the most demanding product development challenges, co-developing value-adding solutions with customers. FSL and AAK offers a complete portfolio of vegetable oil solutions including:

  • Canola/Rapeseed
  • Coconut
  • Corn
  • Palm & Palm Kernel/RSPO Certified/Segregated
  • High Oleic Safflower
  • Soybean / Non-GMO Project Verified
  • High Oleic Sunflower
  • Organic: Coconut, Soy, Safflower, Sunflower
  • Specialty Soy & Sunflower Lecithins