Shelf-Life Extension for Meat & Poultry

Mitigating Bacterial Growth in Fresh Meat.

Fresh meat is often a breeding ground for many microorganisms. Raw meat usually contains Salmonella, E. coli, Yersinia, or similar bacteria which starts the meat spoilage. Hygiene, poor handling, storage temperature, acidity of the meat, and the structure of the muscular tissue affect the rate of meat spoilage in general. In order to mitigate the bacterial growth and increase the shelf-life of raw meat products, FSL offers a range of solutions under the brand GalimaxTM – a blend of lactate and (di)acetate.

GalimaxTM includes a range of tailor-made food blends which are primarily focused on meat, sauces & dressings and confectionery applications. These food blends can be used either as a bacteriostatic agent, a preservative, pH regulator, a flavor enhancer, sugar inversion preventer or to extend the shelf-life of a product.

Can Shelf-Life Duration be Doubled?

Preserving meat and extending its shelf-life is very challenging in countries with warm weather conditions. To overcome this challenge, meat & poultry manufacturers can use a preservative such as Galimax Ace N-50 Powder in their meat application.

The below chart reflects the extended shelf-life – from 6 days to beyond 14 days.


  • Extends significantly the shelf-life
  • Very efficient against Listeria Monocytogenes
  • Cost-efficient (low dosage @ 1% !)
  • No carrier, no salt



  • Meat (raw & cooked), Poultry



  • Sodium Lactate (E325)
  • Sodium Acetate (E262)