Kemin Food Technologies Solutions

In this newsletter issue, we feature solutions provided by our supplier Kemin Food Technologies EMEA. The company develops ingredients that keep food and beverages safe and fresh for longer. To meet industry demands, the food technologies team offers natural plant extracts,antioxidants and food safety solutions to protect the colour, flavour and microbial stability for a variety of food applications.

FORTIUM® R rosemary extract 

A complete line of clean label natural rosemary extract-based product designed to offer maximum effectiveness against colour and flavour degradation.

NaturFORT™ rosemary ang green tea blend

A versatile combination of natural rosemary extract and natural green tea extract offering a balanced flavoured profile. Blends allow for increased antioxidant protection for meat products and sauces and dressings.

BactoCEASE® NV buffered vinegar

A buffered vinegar-based food safety solution to protect meat, poultry and fish products as well as deli salads from spoilage bacteria while offering a clean label alternative.

BactoCEASE® NV OR Liquid (organic buffered vinegar) – NEW

An organic certified buffered vinegar solution as a response to a growing organic food market.

NaturCEASE™ one stop solution – NEW

A clean-label combination of buffered vinegar and natural plant extracts developed to keep processed meat product safe and fresh. NaturCEASE Dry solution offers a total freshness package. It’s user-friendly for customers and provides the needed convenience.

 FORTI-FRY™ natural antioxidant 

A natural antioxidant that significantly prolongs the frying life of the oil by preventing undesired quality changes due to the formation of polar compounds and off-flavours. The innovative emulsifier system used in the formulation decreases the amount of foaming during the frying process.

– Starting from batch 16, Total Polar Compounds (TPC) were significantly lower in the FORTI-FRY  treatments compared with untreated oil.

– The dosages of 0.25% and 0.50% showed the highest efficacy in stabilising the oil and both treatments showed a similar efficacy .

– FORTI-FRY dosed at 0.15% showed significant improvement until batch 48, after which the difference compared with the control was numerically lower.

Through Protection and Performance, Kemin Food Technologies enable our customers to develop better performing products that stay fresher, safer, for longer.