Chittoor Region:

  • Farmers have observed a delay in flowering due to heavy rains and climatic changes.
  • Average 30 to 40% of flowering observed during the survey.
  • Due to heavy rains in some areas, new fleshes have grown, however flowering has started only in dry soil gardens and flowering is delayed in heavy water soils due to rains.

Bangarpalyam, Palamaneru Regions:

  • As per the survey it was observed 10 to 20% flowering percentage.
  • Expecting full-fledged flowering of Totapuri by February mid.

Dhamalacheruvu, Pileru, Sadum, Somala Regions:

  • In this region, it was observed a flowering percentage of 50 to 60%.
  • Full flowering is expected by mid of Feb 2021.

Kadapa Region:

Railway Koduru, Rajampeta, Rayachoty, Kadapa:

  • 60 to 70% of the flowering has been observed in this region.
  • Another 20% growth in flowering is expected by end Feb 2021.
  • In this region the farmers are expecting a standard yield due to good flowering and healthy plants.
  • Flowering and fruit setting is in an advanced stage compared to the Chittoor & Kadapa region.


Srinivaspur, Mysore Regions:

  • In these regions, Alphonso flowering is about 30 to 40%.
  • The farmers are expecting a smaller yield this year due to less flowering compared to last year.


Flowering with new fleshes at a garden near Chittoor

No flowering observed in Chittoor Region

Full flowering observed in Somala Region

No flowering observed in heavy water soil at Yadhamari mandal