Introducing Citrosuco and the Big New Trend – NFC Juice

On October 1st, 2020, Citrosuco and FSL formed the start of a long and prodigious partnership to supply our customers with the finest FCOJ and Orange NFCs from Brazil.

With over 60 years in the orange business, Citrosuco is the world’s leading orange derivatives manufacturer, producing 26 Million Hectoliters a year which makes up 40% of Brazil’s total orange juice production – allowing them to capture 23% of the global market share for Orange Juice. Citrosuco has 25 farms, 7 offices and

4 production facilities across Brazil in addition to their own ships and port terminals. They employ 5,000 permanent and 7,000 seasonal employees.

Like FSL and the rest of our partners, Citrosuco maintains a strong commitment to environmental sustainability and carries the most prestigious sustainability certificates for all its products which can in turn can be applied on the end consumer product.

We look forward to introducing Citrosuco’s high quality and high value ingredients to our customers in the Middle East, Africa and India.

Not from Concentrate Juice (NFC’s)

With the health trend accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers are seeking fresher, cleaner and more natural food and beverage products with immunity boosting potential. The fresh juice category, despite commanding a premium price with only a 3-4 day shelf life, has seen strong growth in our region as is evident from the success of brands with freshly squeezed juice in the market.

Orange juice, with its highly appealing taste, is also consumed for its health properties – primarily its immune boosting Vitamin C which has prompted a surge in orange juice sales globally since the advent of the pandemic.

We believe that the opportunity and time is ripe to introduce NFC Juices to meet the growing consumer demand for fresher, better tasting, healthier and cleaner label orange juice with a shelf life of up to 1 year and which is loaded with immune boosting Vitamin C.

Why NFCs?

✅ NFCs offer a fresher taste closer to freshly squeezed juice.

✅ Juices are consumed for their health properties such as Vitamin C – less processed means healthier and cleaner label to the consumer with a better source of Vitamin C.

✅ Research shows that consumers prefer fresher juices which are affordable.

✅ Growing regional trend towards more natural products.

✅ Fast-growing category – even in mature markets.

✅ A more premium product which allows for higher margins for bottlers and retailers.

✅ NFC improves a company’s image and brand loyalty in the market.

Pricing Advantage:

Due to the consumer perception of NFC being more natural and less processed, the product commands a premium price as is evident from the high prices of freshly squeezed juices in the market. We believe that NFCs can be perfectly positioned between the crowded concentrate market and premium freshly squeezed juices. NFCs can command premium prices, longer shelf life and more efficient distribution models when compared to freshly squeezed.

For this reason, NFC launches are growing rapidly across the world and the market is growing fast in countries such as Germany, Spain, Italy, Russia & China.

NFC Launches are growing across the globe with a growth rate of over 40%

Main Claims



100% natural from the orange


Nothing besides Orange


Nothing more than Orange


Source of various functional ingredients


Powerful natural antioxidant

NFC is a great option over fresh squeezed juice...both to retailers and final consumer


  • Short shelf life:from 3 to 4 days on the shelf
  • Due to this reduced shelf life, goods write-off is a major concern.
  • Reposition cost is extremely high.
  • Product is not standardized.
  • Unfeasible distribution scale-up.
  • Due to the fact, it’s not pasteurized, there a enzymatic risk.


  • Juice made with real fresh fruits, specially selected for NFC.
  • 12-18h after harvesting, fruit is processed and its juice is refrigerated.
  • No chemical treatment after harvesting.
  • Shelf life guaranteed by advanced refrigeration technology on the entire logistics chain – no preservatives added.
  • Same flavor standard during the year.

USA : NFC x FCOJ Retail Pricing

NFC price on the shelf is -80% higher – much more premium product!

Note : Date collection for USA is done every 28 days.

Source : Nielsen and BIAT team analysis.

The statistics above shows that while the prices of FCOJ have fallen 7.5% in the USA, prices of NFC rose by 13.7% during the same period.

A clear indicator of shift in consumer demand and a call for brands to adapt to the growing market and revenue opportunity with NFC products.