Innovation - Q2 2022


Each year, consumers across the globe are presented with an array of new beverages brimming with innovative flavors, functions and nutrients. While consumers in the GCC are inquisitive about vegan, no-sugar added, clean label solutions, at the same time, they also desire to explore unique notes and flavors. These specific demands in the region have been led by increasing health issues such as diabetes, obesity, trending diets, etc.

Technical experts have invested several hours of research and development to address key consumer demands specific to the GCC region, while improvising on taste and nutrients. In response to the evolving demands, many manufacturers now offer innovative beverages, delivering the value today’s consumers seek.

“Juice 2.0”- A new product line promoting a “No Sugar Added” natural ingredient based beverage solution, has been launched by FSL together with Medibel from The Netherlands. Juice 2.0 does not include addded-sugar and has been specifically produced for health- conscious consumers, enhanced with various new flavor profiles.

With 50% taxes imposed by the government on sugar added drinks in the GCC, Juice 2.0 is aligned with the government’s strategy to improve the health of the population. With constantly evolving policies, and complex taste palettes in the region, we support our customers to navigate the local markets, adapt to new trends and deliver the future desired by authorities, leaders and consumers.


Coconut Milk Yogurt Drink:

Coconut milk yogurt combined with various fruit juices such as pineapple, banana & grape, or watermelon & strawberry combinations. The finished products are developed with
fruit purees to deliver a rich mouthfeel and a sweet profile, as desired by consumers in the Middle East region.

New Juice Blends:

100% juice blends which include flavor profiles such as cranberry, grape & apple, or passionfruit & grape have been developed to deliver unique flavor combinations to consumers.

Enhanced Breakfast Drinks:

These include various fruit blends fortified with whole wheat, vitamins and minerals to add nutrient depth. An array of forest berries such as blueberries, blackberries, aronia and tropical fruits like banana together with pear & grape have been combined to create new robust flavor profiles. Fortification of breakfast drinks with whole wheat has been well received by western European consumers and is now gaining popularity in the GCC markets.