Gulfood Manufacturing 2022 - Juice and Beverage Ingredients

Dear Readers,

It was wonderful to meet with so many of our customers and principals at Gulfood Manufacturing 2022. Together with 15 of our global ingredients partners, FSL successfully hosted the largest exhibition stand and garnered most of the attention at the show with our wide range of samples and innovative products.

During the 3-day show, we exhibited several new and innovative concepts including plant-based meat and dairy alternatives, sugar reduction solutions, clean-label alternative ingredients and vitamin, mineral and fiber fortification solutions. With over 400 customer inquiries in 3 days, FSL is headed towards a busy start to 2023!

For the juice & beverage sector, FSL is delivering innovative & cost-effective solutions to optimize our customers brands. We also work closely with our customers to customize new beverage concepts to target the fast evolving and dynamic consumer segments found in the Middle East.

In this final edition of our Juice & Beverage Ingredients newsletter, we present the 2022 Q4 crop updates for pineapple, tomato and orange crops. These updates are intended to assist our customers to accurately plan their procurement, production & distribution forecasts for the upcoming new year.

Following the crop updates, we conclude the 2022 Q4 newsletter with a note of thanks from the business unit head in the J&B division at FSL.

To find out more about our products and solutions, kindly contact us at J&