New Range of Flavours

Aromatech Tunisia launched its new range of flavors “AROMATOP CHEESE”. The brand new launch includes different types of cheese flavors for cheese and sauce applications. Cheddar, Emmental, Mozzarella, Greek and Blue Cheese are a few examples of flavors from the broad new range.

The salty & creamy taste of cheese is much loved by many around the globe, specifically in the GCC where consumers prefer cheddar, Greek feta and blue cheese notes. Any food product incorporating these flavors are known to be favored in the local market. In the savoury segment, we see many varieties of crisps, baked goods such as croissants and even sweet donuts incorporating flavors of cheese. A well known brand delivers an instant cheese-flavoured soup to the local supermarket shelves, and in another aisle, you may explore cheese dips for the nacho-lovers.

Connect with our technical teams to explore how these cheese flavors can be incorporated into your food application in line with local taste preferences.