Innov’flavors by Aromatech - Q4 2022

Innov’flavors by Aromatech: Introducing to you exciting flavors that are halal, kosher, vegan, and free of additives, preservatives and allergens.

Cucamelon Flavor

This fresh liquid flavor was created by Aromatech China. It is inspired by an interesting little fruit that resembles an olive-sized watermelon with a cucumber taste. This flavor brings in freshness to sweet applications such as sorbets, confectionery, syrups & cocktails and also to savory applications such as cream cheese, vegan cheese or gazpachos. Its organoleptic profile is characterized by green notes of watermelon and cucumber.

Tasty Coco Flavor

Tasty Coco Flavor liquid was created by Aromatech Algeria. It brings delicious creamy coconut notes to your sweet applications such as ice creams, cookie fillings, cream desserts or chocolates. Its flavor profile is characterized by milky, vanilla, coconut and chocolate notes.

Natural Ume Flavor

This natural powder flavor was created by Aromatech Thailand. Ume fruit which looks like an apricot is a traditional fruit of Japan. It’s usually eaten during breakfast to strengthen the immune system and many Ume flavored drink varieties are also locally available. This flavor will enhance your sweet and savory applications such as teas, seasonings, marinades, muffins and fillings. The Ume flavor profile is characterized by fruity and lactic notes of yellow plum.