Tara Gum in Ice Cream Application

What is Tara Gum:

  • Tara gum is a galactomannan like LBG and guar gum. It is derived from the seeds of the tara plant which grows in Peru.
  • In structural terms it is similar to guar and locust bean gum.
  • Tara gum is a unique gum which bridges the gap between the cold-soluble, highly galactose-substituted guar and cold-insoluble and lower galactose-substituted locust bean gum (LBG).
  • Tara gum is partially cold-soluble and only attains maximum viscosity in water, milk and other low solids systems after heating (to 80°C).
  • Tara gum acts synergistically with other hydrocolloids like kappa carrageenan and xanthan gum.
  • Tara gum in solution forms gels when frozen (freeze-induced gelation), although not to the same extent as LBG.
  • Tara gum is 100 % naturally produced using purely physical methods – a 100 % natural product like LBG.
  • Approved for use in ice cream like LBG and guar gum.
  • LBG and taragum shows nearly the same molecular weight.
  • LBG comes from kernels grown on trees while tara gum comes from kernels grown on bushes.
  • LBG is from the Mediterranean area while tara gum is from South America.
  • E Number is E417.

Production of Tara Gum:

Like the manufacturing of guar and locust bean gum, tara gum is produced by mechanical crushing the seed of the Caesalpinia Spinosum pod and physically separating the gum from the endosperm portion. The endosperm portion is then milled into flour. Unlike the production of guar and locust bean gum, tara gum is a by-product from the production of tannin (for tanning purposes) from the whole tara pods.

Benefits of using Taragum in Ice Cream:

✅ Replacement of LBG / guar blends in ice cream due to high LBG prices.

✅ Technical investigations have proved that it is possible to replace the LBG / guar content.

✅ Replacement of a 50:50 LBG / guar gum blend with 100% tara gum in ice cream showed:

• No significant difference with regard to the sensory properties of the ice cream (creaminess, body, iciness, warm-eating properties)
• No difference with regard to the melting resistance
• No difference with regard to the heat shock protection (ice crystal growth, shrinkage)
• No difference with regard to processability (form stability, dryness on extrusion)

Comparison of CREMODAN® 709 CREAMLINE & Tara Gum Based Version


Trials have shown that a combination of LBG and guar can be replaced with tara gum without changing the:

✅ Processability

✅ Sensory properties

✅ Meltdown properties

✅ Heat shock protection