Protein Enrichment in Dairy Beverages

The busy lifestyles of consumers have led to an increase in demand for convenient solutions and in the food & beverage sector, traditional mealtimes are being replaced by proliferating snacking concepts. Through convenient food & beverages, consumers expect taste, nourishment and the ability to consume easily “on-the-go.” While nourishment expected from specific snacks differs according to the time of the day, the protein boom has been prevalent for years. Protein is moving from the niches to the center mainstream with the mass appeal of claims such as “satiety” and “everyday energy” growing across the retail shelves. Sources are proliferating, with dairy proteins still growing strongly.

Texture is an important driver for taste perception of food and beverages and is the focus of many innovations today. Texture claims are shown more prominently on the front-of-pack labeling where brands are being creative in marketing the texture or including a texture claim in a product label to appeal to consumers sensory expectations and capture their attention.

Consumers relate to the benefits of nutrition products as part of a healthier lifestyle and demographic changes have resulted in a demand for protein fortification. The product positioning is distinguished by the following target groups:

  • Children (growth & bone health)
  • Millennials (15–35 years)
  • Silver Ager (60–90 years)
  • Gender (specific demands by men/women)