Nutrients for Immune Health

The human immune system has been the center of discussion for individuals and industries across the globe for the past two years. As the narrative surrounding health continues to mutate, consumers are actively discovering the role of nutrition in supporting the human immune system. This has led consumers to opt for food and beverage choices which boost immunity. The strong growth in sales of orange juice at the start of the pandemic was indicative of the growing demand for Vitamin C more than orange juice itself.


Health Benefits of Lycopene:

“The pandemic has accelerated demand for immunity boosting products and ingredients. 75% of consumers are now seeking out healthier foods and beverages.”

Michael Hughes, Director of Insights at FMCG Gurus -Forbes


Immunity, as a nutrient value proposition in foods, can be delivered in a variety of ways to consumers. Some products tout prebiotics and probiotics as ingredients to strengthen immune systems via a healthy gut microbiome. For example, Kellogg’s Simply Fuel Peanut Butter Honey Almond Protein Balls contain 9g of protein and one billion probiotics per serving to deliver lasting energy and a satisfying taste.

Immunity became a part of the branding for Regrained, a company producing Honey Cinnamon SuperGrain + Immunity Bars, which is made with turmeric and Manuka honey, two ingredients that are well-known as immunity boosters in various cultures and regions of the world.

Furthermore, beverages are also making immunity claims such as Ocean Spray’s “B1U I Need Immunity functional water,” which is a lemon-chamomile infused water containing 22mg of zinc and 128mg of vitamin C. This value addition in basic consumables such as water makes the brand stand apart on the shelves and projects value beyond simple hydration. Nutrients, vitamins, and minerals can also be added to foods to fortify them further.

FSL offers vitamin and mineral premixes which are used in all types of F&B applications. For the growing health conscious consumer base in the Middle East, FSL and SternVitamin, bring a comprehensive range of essential vitamin and mineral pre-mix solutions. These nutrient rich premixes enable F&B manufacturers to deliver value-added products to the consumer, with a health-conscious brand image that speaks to their needs.

FSL’s technical experts at our labs in Dubai, customize applications to suit the requirements of every manufacturer. Our technical product development work is done in collaboration with our marketing and sales teams who embody vast knowledge of the GCC consumers and regional market trends. Our goal is to support and guide manufacturers to successfully launch new products and gain market share in the dynamic food industries of the Middle East.

The Top Micronutrient:

Vitamin C – a strong partner for the immune system
  • Effective antioxidant that protects against reactive oxygen species produced when pathogens are killed by immune cells.
  • Can increase serum levels of antibodies.
  • Has a role in antimicrobial cell activities.