Gulfood Manufacturing 2022 - Dairy Ingredients

Dear Readers,

FSL’s innovation agenda has fostered the development of various plant-based, sugar reduced, clean label and immunity boosting solutions to develop healthier formulations for our customer’s brands and to keep them in line with consumer trends.

At this year’s Gulfood Manufacturing exhibition from 8th – 10th November 2022, FSL will host the largest stand at the event where we will be showcasing a range of over 20 different innovative concepts which align with the growing trends in our region.

Within the dairy ingredients zone of the FSL stand, our partners Breitenburger, FrieslandCampina, Valio and Fiberstar who won the 2021 Innovation Award for their clean-label citrus fiber ingredients, will also be present to discuss new product developments and solutions to suit the GCC markets.

Visitors can explore solutions including dairy alternatives, functional ingredients and vitamin & mineral fortification for food and beverage manufacturing.

Over the past decade we’ve noticed growing rates of lactose intolerance, milk allergies and cholesterol-related illnesses on the rise. Consumers facing these health-related challenges are empowered with abundant knowledge and consciously choose to pivot away from certain animal products for their own well-being, in addition to the well-being of the planet and animals. These factors have given rise to a trend of “flexitarianism”, where consumers are opting to replace animal-based products with plant-based alternatives.

The flexitarian consumer segment is steadily growing in the GCC due to health concerns, and along with it, the products which cater to them. While manufacturers in the Middle East are investing into new product developments in these new categories, an increasing number of imported plant-based milk brands on supermarket shelves indicates retention and growth in demand for these products.

In this newsletter, we explore information about plant-based milks, industry trends and insights as well as citrus fibers for dairy applications. Towards the end of the newsletter, we deliver market information on dairy commodities to assist your planning cycles.


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