A Solution for Protein Enriched Dairy Beverages

BEKAPLUS® BP 800 is based on milk protein specially designed for application in protein enriched dairy beverages. It consists of the following properties:

  • Clean label (no E-numbers)
  • Clean flavor profile
  • Smooth texture
  • No sedimentation or precipitation during high-temperature treatments
  • No gel formation at high protein levels
  • Well-balanced viscosity profile
  • Applicable in water and milk systems
  • Protein content min 80%

Benefits of BEKAPLUS BP 800

Sedimentation and protein coagulation in protein containing beverages is the result of protein denaturing and improper stabilization.

BEKAPLUS® BP 800 is based on native dairy proteins – even through harsh environments of UHT processing. It is an optimized protein system that delivers premium quality.

Application Areas:

BEKAPLUS® BP 800 is used for applications such as protein enriched UHT flavored milk-drinks & protein shakes, water-based UHT dairy protein enriched beverages and UHT meal replacers.