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Maxavor® Tradition RYE& RYELS

Maxavor® YE & Natural

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Innovate with the Maxavor® RYE Range:

Future proof your products with cornerstone flavors


Maxavor® RYE Cornerstone Profiles:

Built on a solid heritage of flavor creation

Consumers want to be delighted by their food and they now also want food that’s healthy and sustainable. But taste will always be king. DSM has risen to meet the changing needs with the introduction of low salt and natural versions of our most popular flavor profiles. The Maxavor® RYE portfolio is now offered in 3 categories to appeal to a wide range of food industry requirements and consumer demands to help our customers stay ahead of the curve.

Early within the evaluation of Maillard reaction flavors, 4 key profiles (clean roast, roast beef, roast chicken and white meat) were recognized to be essential for consistent great taste delivery in the development of convenience foods.

Maxavor® RYE Meet Your Needs:

Consistent flavor profiles


  • Full flavor strength and umami with traditional salt levels

Low Salt

  • Low salt, full flavor strength and full umami


  • Globally acceptable natural flavor declaration with full flavor strength, umami and traditional salt levels

Maxavor® RYE:

Customer benefits & technical expertise

Customer Benefits

✅ Intense and authentic flavor profiles
✅ Proven to meet all application needs; versatile and flexible
✅ Label declarations that meet all needs in all regions
✅ Ready and easy to use in powder form with low dose rates
✅ Label claims that can help drive on-trend formulations
(allergen-free, kosher, vegetarian, halal, low salt)


DSM and FSL’s Technical Expertise

  • The Maxavor® range is a best selling ingredient globally with well recognition throughout the global food industry
  • FSL & DSM brings these trusted flavors to customers along with three decades of application knowledge and understanding of how to develop exciting modern dishes

Maxavor® Traditional RYE Series

DSM’s Maxavor® Traditional RYE series provide customers with the flavor profiles that have formed the corner stone of commercial products for decades. The global food industry readily accept the roast beef, roast chicken, roast white meat and clean roast profiles as recognizable and truly authentic.

DSM’s Maxavor® Traditional RYE series deliver trusted, authentic profiles with a full-bodied supporting umami profile which consumers in the GCC love, but is often lacking in certain products which can benefit from the inclusion of DSM’s solution.

Maxavor® N (Natural) Series

DSM’s natural and low salt Maxavor® range offers a family of pre-made, ready-to-use products that provide the traditional intensity of thermal process flavors with a globally recognizable label declaration of ‘Natural Flavor’.

Ingredients are available in chicken, and beef flavor, with roasted or boiled varieties; as well as white meat and clean rich dark roast. Not only are they ideal for replacing classical process flavors, but they’re also fast and easy-to-use.

The Maxavor® Natural range of middle block flavors continue to provide recognizable, natural authentic roast beef, roast chicken, roast white meat and clean roast profiles with a natural claim.

Whether a carnivore, flexitarian, vegetarian or vegan, Maxavor® Natural series are designed to deliver body, umami support and a mouth-watering and authentic profile which keeps consumers loyal to your brand.


Maxavor® RYE LS (Low Salt)

After sugar, salt is the next ingredient which most consumers try and limit their
consumption of.

DSM’s Maxavor® RYE LS (Low Salt) provides customers with the ability to create
healthier labels by reducing sodium levels while maintaining full body and umami taste. The low salt Maillard reactions continue to provide recognizable authentic roast beef, roast chicken, roast white meat and clean roast profiles.

This innovative range of sodium reduction solutions offered by FSL and DSM are well
suited and timed for the GCC region which savors salty profiles, but have heart disease
and blood pressure as some of the most pressing health issues in the region (33% and
19% of the population respectively).

The Maxavor Rye LS range can be used in a wide variety of meat, culinary and plant-based applications with sodium reduction claims which appeal to most consumers today who are now ever more conscious of their health.

In the next edition of our newsletter we will be sharing information on DSM’s Maxavor® Plus range of solutions.