Cocoa Butter Alternatives

Confectionery Fats: CBS, CBR and CBE

When today’s consumers indulge, they want every bite to be pure perfection and are also on the lookout for healthier options too. That’s why we deliver the best solutions to help you create silky smooth, delightfully delicious confections which fulfil the highest expectations.

We help you deliver pure confectionery perfection, with our extensive portfolio of plant-based, multi-sourced cocoa butter alternatives and filling fats.

AAK practices sustainable sourcing in their all their key raw materials, including the shea, palm and palm kernel oil used in our specialty chocolate and confectionery fats. The sustainability approach is embedded in all parts of their value chain, from the crop all the way to the brand on the store shelf.


Chocolate & Confectionery Solutions: CBS, CBR and CBE

A wide variety of both market-ready and custom-made solutions, including cocoa butter substitutes, cocoa butter replacers, and cocoa butter equivalents for compound coatings and confectionery fat applications are available to you right here in the GCC from FSL. Our portfolio includes 3 different lines of products named CBS (Cocoa Butter Substitute), CBR (Cocoa Butter Replacer), CBE (Cocoa Butter Equivalent). Each of these ingredients deliver various properties and applications that can be customized as per the requirements of manufacturers.


High performance fats used for compound coatings. CEBESTM line of fats are typically made of fractioned palm kernel oil and can be offered as non-hydrogenated, zero trans and low in saturated fat. CEBESTM grade includes premium compound solutions for enrobed or molded confectionery and baked products.

Food applications engineer adding cocoa powder into the hobart mixer.


Is an excellent choice for compound coating. It will improve your cost-efficiency and give your confectioneries good melting properties and fast crystallization.


Is the cocoa butter substitute to deliver premium quality. Use it in biscuit or wafer coatings and molded products, for that outstanding snap, texture and flavor release, which are very similar to those of chocolate. Lauric-based CEBESTM MC requires no tempering and, due to its low viscosity, offers you cost-efficient coating and molding. High bloom resistance ensures an excellent glossy appearance throughout shelf life, giving your products long-lasting appeal. At the same time, your products will be hard and stable at room temperature and non-greasy to the touch.

Why you should choose CEBES?

  • Tailor your compound
  • Fast meltdown
  • Available as non-hydro and low SAFA
  • Non-temper
  • Fast crystallization
  • Very good sensory profile, similar to cocoa butter
  • Fast and Easy processing

Traditionally, cocoa butter substitutes are produced by means of hydrogenation and are high in saturated fatty acids. When you choose CEBESTM NH and CEBESTM LS grades, you are on your way to compounds with a clean label and a healthier profile. Both products are non-hydrogenated and free from trans fatty acids. CEBESTM LS grade offers the additional advantage of a reduced saturated fatty acids content. These are the winning characteristics on today’s health-conscious consumer market.

The CEBESTM range has fast crystallization, pleasant meltdown properties, and great flavor release in a wide range of coatings and hard fillings. CEBESTM NH is also ideal for molded products.

Use AKOPOLTM in your confectionary to avoid:

  • Cracking
  • Oil migration
  • Trans-fat
  • Hydrogenation

Why you should choose AKOPOLTM?

  • Processing on the same line as cocoa butter
  • Extreme flexibility in recipe and process
  • Good shelf life
  • Crack-resistant coatings


The AKOPOLTM range offers a smart and easy-to-use products that provides flexibility in coating applications or molded products. AKOPOLTM replaces cocoa butter and adds extra value to your confectionery or baked products. Our special cocoa butter replacer for coatings produced for manufacturers of fine bakery products, resists cracking and withstands fat migration from cakes or pastries.

The AKOPOLTM range has a good bloom stability and an excellent crystallization rate. Moreover, tempering is not required, enabling manufacturers to achieve highcapacity output on the production line. As there is no risk of contamination by lauric fat, manufacturers may continue production in the same line used for chocolate products.

Do you need that exceptional plasticity, and a healthier image without trans fats at the same time? Take a step forward to no trans fats or hydrogenation at all. This provides a reliable bloom stability that maintains the appetizing glossy appearance during shelf lifetime.


There’s a limit to what you can do when only using cocoa butter alone. Incorporating ILLEXAOTM to your formulation you can adjust taste, texture, softness, and hardness with a consistent result. Or you can reduce productions costs, while your chocolate will still be a chocolate.

ILLEXAOTM range consists of solutions that can be mixed with cocoa butter, to enhance the properties which cocoa butter alone cannot deliver. By replacing 5% of the cocoa butter in your milk or dark chocolate recipes, ILLEXAO adapts easily to your needs for flavor, texture and meltdown.

It is possible to produce a super compound equivalent to the quality of chocolate by using the right ILLEXAOTM grade. A super compound is achievable by replacing all free cocoa butter in a chocolate recipe. This provides endless possibilities for developing innovative products with customized properties, new functionalities and maximum chocolate appeal.

Are you looking to make a soft and creamy filling, but still want excellent storage stability?

Adding ILLEXAOTM BR to the chocolate significantly increases bloom stability.

In warm climates, the problems of softening and chocolate bloom are well-known. However, the ILLEXAOTM HS lets you increase the melting point of the chocolate for it to withstand elevated temperatures – a perfect solution for manufacturers in the Middle East.

ILLEXAOTM SC is perfect for full cocoa butter replacement, giving you a super com- pound with tailor-made melting properties similar to chocolate, and with a rich flavor. Manufacturers may also customize crystallization properties, making production easier while reducing waste.

ILLEXAOTM VN ensures the milky sensory and creamy mouthfeel as well as bloom retarding properties by partial or full replacement of milk fat in super compound recipes.

Use ILLEXAOTM in your confectionary application for:

  • High bloom stability
  • Customized melting pint
  • Customized crystallization
  • Reduced waste

Why you should choose ILLEXAOTM?

  • Many options for a flexible solution
  • Tailor taste and texture
  • Reduced costs
  • Meets Codex and local regulations for chocolate
  • Longer shelf life