Antioxidants Blends for Longer Shelf Life

Aligning Your Business Goals with the Country’s Food Security & Safety Strategy?

Learn how to prevent food spoilage and create fresh, long-lasting and tasty food with Antioxidants from IFF

Oxidation is a major cause of spoilage in the food industry, it’s the main culprit behind rancidity, off-flavours, discoloration and nutritional loss. Antioxidants from IFF will assure peak freshness and optimum flavour of food by delaying natural biochemical food alteration.

The Antioxidants presented in this newsletter help keep your company’s environmental impact to a minimum. While improving your food quality, it prevents spoilage and decreases food wastage throughout the supply chain, thus aligning with the objectives of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Application Areas Include:

  • Bakery, Bars, Culinary, Oils & Fats and Pet Food

Explore a range of antioxidants offered by FSL and IFF in various forms for multiple applications:

GRINDOX® Antioxidants – A full range of highly efficient pre-dispersed antioxidant blends. Different foods spoil in different ways. How do we successfully preserve freshness and extend

shelf-life across a wide matrix of ingredient types?

GRINDOX® Antioxidants – a series of highly effective phenolic and/or vitamin-based antioxidant blends designed to maximize longevity and quality across a range of unique applications. Made for food brand owners and manufacturers aiming to maintain high food quality and efficiency.

Key Benefits:

  • Curb development of rancid off-flavours
  • Prevent colour change effectively
  • Avoid nutritional loss
  • Easy and safe to use