Agrana & FSL: Your Partners for Fruit & Non Fruit Preparation

Established in 1963, AGRANA’s core expertise in fruit and fruit technology has earned them a position as an international market leader. AGRANA and FSL have been long term partners in the development and distribution of products which add value to the dairy, bakery, confectionery, frozen desserts and fruit beverage industries.

AGRANA Fruit is a global specialist in the customized product development of fruit and non-fruit preparations as well as fruit specialities for a broad range of applications.

  • Fruit Preparations
  • Brown Flavor Preparations
  • Preparations with Inclusions
  • Preparations with Cereals, Grains & Seeds
  • Savory Preparations
  • Organic & Sustainable Solutions

AGRANA-FSL we partner with you to develop tailor-made solutions according to your needs. Our toolkit of know-how and expertise in the core areas of product development include:

  • Raw Material Expertise & Ingredient Variety
  •  Suitable Stabilization Systems
  • Products for Specific Consumer Groups: Kosher, Halal, Vegan
  • Solutions for “Health & Wellness” Positioning(E.g. Enrichment of Vitamins)
  • Formulation Development for “Natural” Positioning (All Natural, Clean Label, Organic, GMO-Free, Fair Trade)
  • Solutions for Products with “Indulgence” Positioning