Kemin SHIELD Liquid Antimicrobials: Maintaining appearance, taste and freshness for longer.

With food safety continuing to remain a high priority in the food industry, manufacturers are hungry for ingredients that are backed by science. Consumers demand labels that they can easily understand and ingredients they can recognize.

Kemin & FSL provide innovative, superior food technologies that
keep food products looking great, tasting delicious, safe and
fresh longer.

✅ SHIELD® brand liquid antimicrobial systems are synergistic blends of propionic acid and other active ingredients that control microbes, preventing spoilage and mold growth while eliminating irritating dust common with dry preservatives.

✅ The highly concentrated formulations allow you to reduce freight, handling and storage expenses without affecting your product’s taste.

✅  It provides homogenous, even dispersion throughout the dough,
leading to increased dough softness, moisture retention and finished
product flexibility.

✅  With the SHIELD line of products, customers also benefit from
non-corrosive formulations.

✅ Kemin is the global leader in liquid technology for antimicrobial protection and also offers an optional automation process that will reduce weighing and variability.


For yeast leavened bread products, we recommend our:

  • SHIELD CA – An improvement to dry calcium propionate,
    offering better taste and dispersion.
  • SHIELD NA – A replacement for dry sodium propionate,
    offering better dispersion that provides a more consistent
    finished product.
  • SHIELD NS – Specifically formulated to deliver optimum
    efficacy and fermentation as compared to dry calcium
    propionate and acetic acid combinations in yeast leavened
  • SHIELD NA Liquid B – A replacement for dry preservatives
    including calcium propionate and acetic acid combinations,
    offering better dispersion that provides a more consistent
    finished product even during humidity and adverse
    temperature conditions.

For chemically leavened products:

  • SHIELD FL – An alternative to the inflexible dry preservative
    formulas for wheat tortillas and cake items