Dairy Commodities

FSL is a trusted and reliable long-term local partner and supplier of a wide range of dairy commodities to customers throughout the Middle East and Africa.

We carefully select and audit our suppliers in order to ensure that they can meet the qualitative and quantitative requirements of our customers throughout the year.

We provide the best possible advice to our customers to support their dairy commodity purchasing strategy based on the market insights we receive from our various suppliers in Europe and Oceania.

FSL is the authorized reseller of NZMP (Fonterra) and Valio brands:

  • Instant Full Cream Milk Powder (IFCMP)
  • Whole Milk Powder (WMP)
  • Skimmed Milk Powder (SMP)
  • Fat Filled Milk Powder (FFMP)
  • Butter

We supply dairy commodities in the following countries: United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia (KSA), Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt, Morocco, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Algeria.

Please contact us at the details above to discuss your requirements.

highest quality milk powders Middle East
NZMP (Fonterra), New Zealand Whole Milk Powders (Regular & UHT grade), Instant Whole Milk Powder, Fat Filled Milk Powders, MPC 70 & 85, Butter (Sweet Cream & Lactic), AMF, Skim Milk Powders (LH, MH, UHT & HHHS), Cheese, Sweet Whey Powder
Valio, Finland Skim Milk Powders (LH, MH, UHT & HHHS), BMP, Butter
Laktopol, Poland Fat Filled Powders (Regular & Instant), Skim Milk Powder
EU & U.S. Origin Products Skim Milk Powders (LH, MH, UHT), Whole Milk Powders (Regular & Instant), Fat Filled Milk Powders (FFMP), Butter Milk Powder (BMP), Sweet Whey Powder & various types of Cheese, MPC 70 and MPC 85, Frozen Cream, Ghee