Q3 2019

Dear Reader,

Greetings from FSL.

We are pleased to share the Q3 edition of our dairy unit newsletter with you.

We further continue our health and nutrition focus series. In this edition, we will share the health benefits of fiber and their possible application in the dairy Industry.

We started our health and nutrition focus this year by sharing extensive information about oat beta-glucan, a highly studied and documented dietary fiber known to protect against infections, lower cholesterol, lower blood sugar, reduce stress, help with diabetes, and even naturally prevent the spreading of cancer, when consumed in recommended dosages.

This newsletter summarizes the functional benefits of use of fibers in the dairy industry. Fiber, besides multiple health benefits, can also provide high functionality. Fiber from various sources can be added to dairy products because of their water-holding capacity and their ability to increase the production yield, improve textural properties and structure, and reduce caloric content by acting as a bulking agent.

Fortifying yogurt or dairy products with fiber is a trend of interest for manufacturers who want to create functional foods with health benefits for their consumers in a cost-effective manner.

Further, we re-introduce GRINDSTED JU 543, a tested and proven solution that meets the demands of still drink manufacturers by improving mouthfeel, providing stabilization and suspension in juices.

As tradition dictates, at the end of the newsletter you will find a brief outlook of the dairy commodities market.

We look forward to receiving your inquiries and feedback.