Q2 2019


As a global manufacturing business, we strive to make continuous progress within sustainability, focusing on our customers, suppliers, our planet, people and neighbours, and our efforts saw us ranked 75th in the Corporate Knights Inc 2019 list of the world’s most sustainable corporations, out of 7,500 companies analysed.
In AkoPlanet™ our ingredients are traceable to the growing region as a minimum standard, and we’re working even further with our supply chains so that every step is taken with care.
We draw upon our long track record in responsible sourcing to ensure products meet – if not exceed – the sustainability standards our customers require. For example, we know coconut oil is a raw material often used in plant-based foods, and we have been working with Proforest to identify areas to work on in the coconut supply chain, including smallholder engagement. No primates are used in the harvesting of coconuts for our Ako Planet TM solutions.
We have used Life Cycle Assessment to demonstrate that our Swedish rapeseed oil has a lower climate impact compared to other growing regions.
For us this is just the beginning of a journey where we work together with our customer to continuously raise the bar towards more sustainable food and businesses.
The Growth of the Plant-Based Foods Industry:
The plant-based foods industry is growing by double digits, while the rest of food sales remain flat. About one-third of Americans now identify as “flexitarians”, aiming to reduce their meat and dairy consumption, causing the industry to reach into the mainstream. With nearly 50 percent of consumers buying milk alternatives and meat alternative sales predicted to top 5$ billion by 2020, this burgeoning market presents exciting new opportunities. Meanwhile, some conventional food players are feeling threatened and are flexing their political power, while current government policies continue to favor the status quo, unable to keep up with innovation and shifting consumer preferences. This expert panel of industry leaders will explain how retailers, brands, and food service operators can tap into this growing market, with lessons of best practices that will shape the growth of plantbased foods.