Plant-Based Meat

The growing market trends towards flexitarian and vegan diets combined with the success of Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods has turned the plant-based meat analogue sector into the fastest-growing frontier of food industry innovation where an entire new category of foods is being created. However, while consumers in the 21st century move in the direction of reducing their consumption of animal products they still crave the juicy texture and rich taste profiles which meats offer.

To respond to this need, FSL has developed a wide range of healthy formulations and an ingredients range to create succulent, delicious and healthy Plant-Based Meat Alternatives for Chicken and Beef Burgers, Tandoori Chicken Nuggets, Shawarma Meat Strips and Bacon.

Our in-house labs and marketing and innovation teams work closely with our customers to identify the right products, formulations and marketing strategies to diversify their business and enable them to capture a greater share of this fast-growing market.

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Ingredients For The Plant-Based Meat Industry

Van Hees Spices, Seasonings, Pea Protein, Wheat Protein, Stabilizers
Ulmer Breadcrumbs, Predust, Batter, Flour Breading, Rusk
Galactic Preservatives Lactic Acid & Fermentations
Cargill Modified Starch, Pea Protein
Soja Protein European Soya TVP, Soya Chunks
Denico Ingredients & Blends
DSM Yeast Extracts with Profile of Beef, Chicken
Flavourstream Smoke Flavors
DDW Carmine and other Natural Colors
Aromatech Natural & Artificial Flavor Solutions: Liquid, Spray Dried & Powdered Flavors
Lutosa, McCain Potato Flakes
Pardes Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, Dried Onion Flakes
Akay Oleoresins, Seasonings & Single Spices
Ruchi Indian Soya TVP
Fiberstar Citrus Fiber
AKV Potato Starch