Meat, Culinary & Snack Ingredients

FSL’s Meat, Culinary and Snack ingredients unit brings the latest global trends and technological developments to meat, culinary and snack food manufacturers in the Middle East.

Combined with the expertise of highly reputed ingredient manufacturing partners such as Cargill and Van Hees, we work in close collaboration with our customers to reduce their manufacturing costs and to optimize their existing processes and recipes.

We are the leading developers of plant-based meat analogue solutions in the Middle East with a wide variety of meat alternative products to offer manufacturers. We add value by developing new products for our customers within our in-house application lab and the expertise of FSL’s technical specialists and innovation teams who identify upcoming trends. These resources enable us to conduct small-scale trials, troubleshoot and participate in raw material testing while also providing in-house training to our customers.

Our extensive range of functional ingredients is carefully selected from the world’s finest suppliers and meet all of our customer’s needs in terms of taste, texture, appearance, shelf life and pricing.

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MDM solutions to improve color, taste and MDM meat, solution for poultry MDM (Mechanical Deboned Meat), meat burger recipe, burger / nuggets recipe