In partnership with Aromatech, a leading flavour manufacturer based in France, FSL’s Flavours unit offers a wide range of bespoke flavour solutions. As a leading food and beverage flavour supplier, we cater to all sectors of the food, beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.

Our flavours improve taste profiles to elevate sales, compensate for flavours lost through processing, mask off notes of functional or pharmaceutical ingredients, reduce raw material costs and compensate for limits of natural resources. All flavours developed and supplied in the region are halal compliant and we ensure that they meet all local regulations.

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Our Application Labs

FSL is equipped with a state-of-the-art technical centre in the UAE with creative beverage and food flavour specialists who develop applications, create and match flavour profiles and conduct sensory trials and preference studies.

These local facilities and services combined with our access to world-class international R&D centres enable us to expedite new product development for our customers with fast turnaround times allowing them to immediately assess a product’s taste and external appearance.

Flavor specialist developing beverage solutions in FSL technical center, Tanzania

Key Products & Solutions

Beverage Emulsions, Natural Liquid Flavors, Artificial Liquid Flavors, Spray Dried Flavors for PSD, Powdered Flavors & Granulated Flavors for tea (natural, artificial or organic) for application in juices / juice drinks, carbonated drinks, powdered soft drinks, energy drinks, flavored water, iced teas / coffee & more
Dairy Fat or Water Soluble Flavors Natural or Artificial, Natural Liquid Flavors or Artificial Liquid Flavors, Spray Dried Flavors & Powdered Flavors for application in Flavors for ice cream / ice lollies, labneh, yoghurt, powdered milk, custards & more
Bakery & Confectionery Heat Stable Flavors Natural & Artificial, Liquid Flavors, Spray Dried Flavors & Powdered Flavors for application in yeast breads, pastries, candies, toffees, chocolate, gums, jams, fillings & more
Oils & Fats Heat Stable Flavors for application in margarine, ghee, butter, mayonnaise, sauces & more
Savory Top Notes in liquid or powder form, Liquid Flavors Natural or Artificial, Spray Dried Flavors & Powdered Flavors for application in snacks, meat products, seasonings & more
Pharma Natural & Nature Identical Flavors (Liquid & Powder)