Plant-Based Ingredients for Dairy Alternatives

The shift towards a plant-based diet is one of the fastest growing global food and beverage trends today. In the Middle East, rates of lactose intolerance are growing and are now estimated to be in the range of 50-60% which has led to consistent growth in the demand for plant-based dairy ingredients alternatives as consumers take greater care of their health. However, health-conscious, flexitarian or vegan consumers are not just looking for a dairy substitute, they yearn for a gratifying nostalgic experience synonymous with dairy as well as the thrill of new tastes.

FSL is a regional pioneer in the innovation of clean label and fortified Soy Milk, creamy Almond Milk, nutritious Oat Milk, delicious vegan Ice Creams and a wide variety of Plant-Based Creamers and Fermented Dairy Analogues which offer consumers a healthier and sustainable food choice.

Offering various plant-based milk alternatives such as Almond Milk, Oat Milk, Soy Milk, Coconut Milk and Hazelnut Milk