Ingredients for Fresh and Processed Cheese

Cheese is an integral part of the Middle East diet which can be found in different forms and products, be it a slice in your burger, the shredded cheese in a manakeesh, a spread that makes every sandwich tastier or that Pizza with a long stretch of cheese and crust stuffed with the same galore. Consumers love their cheese and such demanding consumers makes the task of research and development teams even more challenging, requiring them to create innovative ways to not just meet consumer demands but to exceed them as well.

With a plethora of dairy ingredients options available in the FSL portfolio, our technical managers can assist you in meeting the most discerning consumer demands and empower you to uncover new opportunities by showing casing emerging developments in the world of cheese manufacturing.

Shredded cheese, cheese block, different form of cheese – mozzarella, edam, feta, halloumi, cheddar, cream cheese