Bread & Buns

FSL offers an entire basket of bespoke ingredients solutions for customers who wish to create buns and rolls which outshine their competitors. Our cutting-edge lab is specially designed to supply you with Customized Bakery Improvers, Solutions for Texturizing and Shelf-Life improvement. Our team of skilled professionals work with customers to co-develop recipes, fast-track the NPD process and fine tune product modifications.

We also offer a range of gluten-free solutions and Freezer-to-Oven / Par-Baked Frozen solutions to align with the trend towards convenient products. Whether it is mixes, concentrates or conditioners, FSL has everything a quality-conscious bakery brand needs to become a market leader.

Please contact us at the details above to discuss your requirements.

Bread performance ingredient solutions to improve crust, crispiness and softness, soft filling (chocolate filling, strawberry filling, vanilla filling), Low SAFA, High PUFA, High MUFA, DHA, Omega, Omega Fatty Acid, Antioxidants, Natural Antioxidants, Rosemary, Texture Solutions, Shelf Life Improvements, Softness, Bakery Fillings, Bakery Enzymes, DMG, SSL, DATEM, Emulsifier