Bakery Ingredients

FSL supplies a complete basket of value-added bakery ingredients and cost-effective solutions to meet the needs of bakery customers in the Middle East and Africa. From breads to fine pastries and from croissants to halawa, we are able to offer the finest technical expertise and ingredients solutions to bring our customers brands to a leadership position.

Our long-term associations with world-class ingredient manufacturers such as AAK, Cargill and IFF, place us at the very source of the ingredients supply chain enabling us to offer our customers the best ingredients and most advanced formulations and technical support.

Contact us to learn more about our E-number free solutions, trans-free fats, natural sweeteners, sugar free solutions, egg-free solutions and gluten-free recipes.

Sweet Bakery

Our professionally crafted ingredients range from chocolate and fruit inclusions to tasteful fruit preparations which are designed to transform your bakery product from bland to grand.

Bread & Buns

FSL offers an entire basket of bespoke ingredients solutions to customers who wish to create buns and rolls which outshine their competitors.


FSL sources the finest ingredients suppliers to provide our customers with the best specialized butter and essential ingredients for the production of croissants with the finest flavor and texture.