Your Most Common Bun-Baking Problems — Solved

If you’re always wondering how to maintain the best shape and appearance of buns, look no further, since FSL is your one stop shop for all your ingredients re- quired for baking a beautifully shaped bun!

How Would You Maintain The Shape & Look Of a Bun?





Irregular Shaped buns

If dough is too sticky, adjust water

  • Reduce floor time
  • Weight control
  • Reduce dough temp
  • Cooldown Pans

Clam Buns shell

Reduce Scaling weight

  • Increase humidity on dough surface
  • Setting of lateral heat
  • Increase proofing
    temperature and/or relative humidity

Poor Pan flow

Increase water level Increase amount of Sponge Increase scaling weight

Add proteases Add Cystein

  • Increase mixing time
  • Increase proofer temp

Cupping after slicing

  • Improver make-up
  • Increase cooling time
  • Reduce convection and
    airflow in cooling area
  • Too much pressure at the

How Would You Maintain the Color and Surface Texture of a Bun?






Dark crust color

Reduce sugar and or milk level

Decrease level of amylases

  • Increase fermentation time
  • Reduce temperature in oven
  • Reduce baking time
  • Longer sponge time

Light crust color

Increase sugar and or milk level

Increase level of amylase

  • Decrease fermentation time
  • Longer baking time or
  • Reduce sponge time

Uneven baked

  • Oven has to be fully loaded
  • Check fans and side heaters in

Wrinkling of surface

Increase oxidant Increase DUPONT Datem “PANODAN”/SSL level

  • Reduce fermentation time
  • Reduce mixing time
  • Reduce relative humidity

Blisters on buns

Reduce yeast level Higher protein level in flour Reduce water level

Increase DUPONT Datem “PANODAN”/SSL level

  • Reduce proofing time
  • Reduce proofing temp
  •  Optimize mixing