The Finest Tomato Sauces for Frozen Pizzas

According to market research firm Nielsen, frozen pizza sales have risen 20% since the pandemic while sales of pre-made crusts and do-it-yourself doughs are up even more.

Some pizzerias that were struggling to survive during lockdown, switched their business model and began to make frozen pies which they were delivering to their customer’s homes.

As a one stop solution, FSL can supply manufacturers with the ingredients to create pizza bases, doughs, topping, cheeses in addition to the right tomato paste which is one of the most vital ingredients to create a good tasting and visually appealing pizza.

FSL’s long term partnership with Conesa enables us to supply Tomato Ingredients from one of the world’s leading and largest processors of Tomatoes in Spain. Conesa processes 16,000 MT of fresh tomatoes each day and supplies tomato pastes to some of the worlds leading pizza and pizza sauce manufacturers who prefer it for its specific acid value, light red colour, taste and deep aroma.

FSL offers a wide range of Conesa’s world class Tomato products to offer our customers in the Middle East. Please contact us for a sample.

The Conesa & FSL Product Range:

  • Low Concentrate Tomato Products – Pasta
  • Low Concentrate Tomato Products – Pizza
  • Sauces, Barbeque Sauces
  • High Concentrate Tomato Products – Cold Break Concentrates
  • High Concentrate Tomato Products – Hot Break Concentrates
  • Tomato Powder – Dehydrated Products