Modified food starch ingredients offer functional benefits such as gelling, thickening and bulking which contribute to the overall quality of food and beverages.

They are hard-working ingredients which play an important role in food formulation, providing texture, controlling moisture, stabilizing ingredients and extending shelf life. Cargill’s extensive portfolio of modified food starches includes thinned modified starch, stabilized starch, roll-dried starch and cold-water swelling starch.

FSL’s portfolio of modified food starches from Cargill have been customized and developed to fulfill the needs of the regional food industry.


Rich texture,including thickening, bulking and gelling.

✅ Improved performance: increased processing stability, longer shelf life, enhanced emulsification.

GCC Tailored solutions for specific applications, processes and storage requirements.


Key Properties /  Functional Benefits


Roll Dried

Food starch is essentially insoluble in cold water. Instant (modified) starches produced by roll-drying are important for optimal application functionality, being soluble in cold water and providing excellent (instant) viscosity, good heat, freeze-thaw and acid stability.

Cargill Tex™ Instant

• Soluble in cold water

• Adds viscosity without need for heat

StabiTex™Instant /  PolarTex™Instant

• Short texture

• Stable through heat, freeze / thaw, acid


• Excellent emulsification

• Extends shelf life


• Water-binding

• Good cold storage


Starch Esters:

Cross-linking can have a substantial effect on the viscosity profile of starch. Starch, which is normally susceptible to viscosity breakdown either from prolonged heating, high shear or acidic conditions, shows a stable viscosity profile over time once it is cross-linked.

Starch Ethers:
Etherified starch brings a new dimension to texture stability because of their improved functional properties compared with esterified starches. Pastes of starch ethers have better clarity, higher viscosity, reduced syneresis and superior freeze-thaw stability. If the starch is also cross-linked, freeze-thaw stability during prolonged storage periods can be further enhanced.

Cargill TexTM

Starch esters stabilize viscosity profile

 Adds viscosity & texture


Starch ethers offer better clarity, higher

 Acid, heat & shear tolerance


viscosity, reduced syneresis & superior freeze / thaw stability


Emulsifying starch can replace eggs, gum Arabic, sodium caseinate in foods 


Emulsifying Starch:
Lipophilic starch is obtained by esterification with n-octenyl succinic anhydride, resulting in a starch structure comprising both hydrophilic and lipophilic properties: a defining feature of an emulsifier. They are used to replace eggs for reduced cholesterol foods, to replace animal-derived sodium caseinate, and to replace gum arabic.

Confectionery and Extruded Starch:
The low hot paste viscosity of Cargill’s thinned modified starches allows high solid confectionery products to be easily deposited. Thinned starches can be cooked with sweeteners and water to a low moisture content without becoming too viscous. The gel-forming, setting and textural properties of thinned starches and consequently the selection of the right starch type are very important for confectionery manufacturers.

Batter Starch:
Consumer attitudes towards tasty and convenient foods, coupled with a preference for seafood, poultry and vegetables, have given food processors the opportunity to adapt existing products by improving appearance, taste and shelf-life. An innovative range of batter starches has been developed with different adhesive and clear coating functionalities to meet the demand for versatile coatings with high crispiness and optimal structural integrity. Batter Crisp modified food starch provides consistent adhesion of breading, batters and coatings, uniform pick-up of batters, and desired crispy/crunchy texture in finished fried products. High amylase versions also provide texture in extruded cereals.


Exceptional stability in cold storage conditions

Adds viscosity & texture


Options for confectionery & batters

Binding, thickening, gelling & stabilizing




& be used for flavor emulsions in beverages

Emulsifying Starch Starrier R™


Cold-Water Swelling:
Our new range of highly functional CWS starch produced with a spray-cooking technology was introduced to improve the quality of a number of spreads,fillings and sauces.


Fast hydration

Provides the viscosity, texture & stability of cook-up starch

Available in waxy corn & tapioca

Stable through heat, freeze/thaw, acid

Excellent shelf life