Founded in New York in 1865, DDW honed their expertise in the development of brown and caramel colors and soon became renowned as the experts for all things caramel in the food and beverage industry. Their business soon expanded to Ireland, the UK, China and Brazil and in 2005, DDW expanded into the world of natural colors. In the past 15 years they have added natural color facilities in the US, Ireland, UK and Chile and have now emerged as one of the leading suppliers of natural and caramel colors around the world.

FSL & DDW have been working together for almost a decade to supply the Middle East with the world’s finest caramel, burnt sugar and nature brown colors. We recommend Class III and IV Caramel Colors for your application as these carry a minimal flavor impact and are light to dark brown in hue.


✅ Caramel is a confectionery delight which is made by heating a variety of sugars with or without acids or alkalis and offered in form of liquid, solid, granular and powdered form. Carmel Color is one of the most versatile and widely used in foods and beverages.

✅ Caramel Color has great microbiological stability due to its high processing temperatures. The microbiological stability in Caramel will not support microbial growth in its undiluted form. Caramel Colors are considered to be the most economical alternative compared to other natural or artificial food colors.

✅ One of the most important features of Caramel is that it is easy to handle and storage due to its essential chemical properties.

✅ Regarding nature brown, it is from various fruit and vegetable source and natural (E no free products, clean label brown color).

Class III Caramel Colors (E150C)

Class III Caramel Colors range in hue from light brown to dark yellow brown. They do not contain sulfates and have
a positive colloidal charge. They are salt stable making them a popular choice for sauce and savory applications.

Class IV Caramel Colors (E150D)

Class IV Caramel Colors are the darkest caramels available. The color ranges from a light brown to deep black-brown. They have a strong negative charge over a wide pH range, making them the most versatile caramel colors. They are widely used in the soft drink industry due to their low dosage requirements and excellent acid stability. Single-strength, double-strength and low 4-MeI options are available.

DDW Burnt Sugars

Burnt Sugars are primarily used to enhance flavor and to add sweetness to confectionery, desserts and baked goods applications. They offer the optimal balance of stability, flavor and color. Depending on the type and usage, flavor profiles can range from vanilla and butterscotch to nutty, coffee, bitter and chocolate.


Naturbrown® ingredients are produced by cooking fruit or vegetable juice concentrates, such as apple, pear, onion and other savory vegetables. They range in hues from light golden to dark red brown, providing the widest range of simple label browns from the widest range of sources. There are options available for sweet or savory applications and certified organic colors are also available.