Anti-Staling Enzymes to create softer, resilient and longer lasting baked goods.

Our love affair with bakery products is often short-lived, lasting only as long as they stay fresh. Stale breads are soon divorced and for centuries bakers have tried to extend this romance with various methods to preserve the beautiful fresh feel and flavor of their baked foods.

The Problem: What happens to baked foods during storage?

  1. Staling
  2. Bread crumb firming (retrogradation)
  3. Crumbly properties develop
  4. Apparent loss of crumb moisture
  5. Development of a leathery crust
  6. Change of mouthfeel
  7. Loss of flavor

The Solution: POWERFresh® with G+ Enzymes from DuPont Our unique G+ and G4 anti-staling enzymes developed by DuPont could be the best anti-staling solution to extend shelf life and maintain product freshness.

By modifying the amylopectin in flour starch during baking, POWERFresh® enzymes and help create soft, resilient and delicious breads. The G+ enzyme technology is extraordinarily efficient at modifying starch during baking. This amylase lowers the rate of amylopectin retrogradation, slowing down the bread staling process. The result is substantial crumb softening and moistness, combined with improved resilience and elasticity.

Since proteins and arabinoxylans also contribute to the firming of breadcrumb, POWERFresh® products feature additional enzyme activities that optimize results for individual applications.

Whether you’re in the bread improvement business or baking on an industrial scale, the POWERFresh® series offers a broad range of product solutions.


Foldability 8 days after production

Key Ingredient Benefits

✅ Clean Label: POWERFresh® is a clean-label ingredient that can be used to replace other fresh-keeping solutions

✅ Long-lasting softness and freshness

✅ Resists crushing when stacked

✅ Consistent shape


Approximately 30% of our food is wasted annually, generating close to 1.3 billion tons of food waste—a loss of almost US$1 trillion globally. FSL’s food preservation solutions and DuPont’s baking enzymes reduce food waste by retaining freshness for longer. They also help ensure a reliable and robust baking process, which means that less product is discarded for being out of specification. All this conserves resources and reduces environmental emissions from decomposing food waste.

Our baking enzymes are in alignment with the objectives of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.




POWERFresh® Bread with G+

Keeps your bread fresher for days longer than any other choice on the shelf.

POWERFresh® Special with G+

Keeps your bread fresher for days longer than any other choice on the shelf.

POWERFresh® Bun with G4

Designed to provide buns a high level of freshness and incredible crumb strength. POWERFresh® Bun makes it possible to maintain great bun shape, even when a bun is fully loaded. In hotdog buns, you’ll appreciate the superior hinge effect too.