Integrated Solutions for Meat Alternatives

Integrated Solutions for Meat Alternatives

Portfolio of integrated solutions for meat alternatives

Imagine the perfect meat alternative: a plant based product that looks, feels and tastes like meat, whilst being nutritious at the same time; packed with meaty umami flavor with a juicy, substantial mouthfeel; and containing added nutrition and with managed sodium levels. Here at DSM we didn’t just imagine it. We created it – with our portfolio of integrated solutions for plant-based meat alternatives.
Appealing taste, texture and nutritional value

For a clean taste with a meaty umami flavor, try our Maxavor® process flavors and Maxarome® yeast extracts – which also help in masking off-taste. If you want a juicy, satisfying mouthfeel, our Multirome® yeast extract and GELLANEER™ Gellan Gum are ideal. We can even pack added nutrients and protein into your meat alternatives with our Quali® vitamins and life’s®DHA and life’s™OMEGA algal lipids. In fact, whatever your challenge – and wherever you are – we have the tools and the team to tackle it.

Customers need:
✅ Authentic meaty taste
✅ Satisfying mouthfeel
✅ A richer nutritional pro
What our toolbox delivers:
✅ Authentic, meaty flavor

while masking off-notes, with our Maxarome® yeast extracts and
concentrated Maxavor® process flavors.

✅ Juicy and succulent meat alternatives

with more substantial texture – using Multirome® yeast extract and
GELLANEER™ Gellan Gum.

✅ Managed sodium content

through our Maxarome® RYE LS taste solution.

✅ Added nutrition for a healthy product

with our Quali® vitamins, premix solutions, algal lipids, carotenoids and
plant proteins.

DSM’s Unique Portfolio of Integrated Solutions for Meat Alternatives

Create the perfect fish flavor profile with Maxavor® Fish YE

Maxavor® Fish YE – Authentic middle block fish flavor for fishbased and vegetarian products

For producers creating fishbased or plant-based seafood products, the challenges revolve around building authentic taste, clean flavor
and desirable texture. Maxavor® Fish YE is DSM’s latest innovation in natural flavors and expands on our well-established range of vegan meat flavors.
A fully declarable flavor for fish-based and vegetarian products

Maxavor® Fish YE is DSM’s latest innovation in natural flavors. It provides middle block taste in two profiles (white, fleshy fish and darker, meaty, oily fish) that deliver authentic flavor and full mouthfeel. Maxavor® Fish YE is ideal in both fish-based and plant-based seafood products, and it offers the added benefits of being natural, non-allergenic, vegan, kosher and halal.

Customers need:
✅ Authentic taste & texture
✅ Strong fleshy, fatty mouthfeel
✅ Low salt
✅ Natural, label friendly solutions
What Maxavor® Fish YE process
flavors deliver: 
✅ Truly Declarable Flavor

All in one (natural, non-allergenic, vegan) Kosher and Halal.

✅ Authentic fishy taste profile

Middle block taste. Delivers body and oily mouthfeel.

✅ Low Sodium

Add taste, not salt

How to build a DSM Vegan or Vegetarian Fish Alternative

Processes example: Fish Cakes / Burgers (vegetarian)