News from Aromatech Group

Sponsorship of the sailor and skipper Alexia Barrier

Aromatech France sponsored Alexia Barrier for Jacques-Vabre’s 2021 Trans Atlantic journey, the 15th edition of the original Route du Café and
the Jacques Martel Fundation supported her association with 4MyPlanet.

Alexia Barrier and her partner Manuel Cousin finished 18th on November 29 after 22 days 3 hours 11 minutes and 21 seconds of racing. Aromatech team was very proud to follow and support them throughout this race.



Innov’Flavor: Japanese roasted rice flavor

Aromatech presented its Innov’Flavor of November: Japanese roasted rice flavor.

This flavor created by Aromatech Thailand is one of our most challenging aromatic innovations. This flavor is Vegan; Kosher & Halal certified, Preservative, Allergen & Additive free.

Japanese roasted rice is a puffed and brown rice that is traditionally used for Genmaicha green tea. It is also called popcorn rice.

The organoleptic profile of our Japanese roasted rice flavor is characterized by roasted and rice water notes.

Aromatech and Apple at the Ice Cream 2021 exhibition in Tianjin, China

Aromatech and its partner Apple participated to the Ice Cream 2021 exhibition
which took place from 11 to 13 October in Tianjin, China.

A selection of Aromatech flavors has been presented in ice cream applications to create products such as: Djouzia flavor, Pumpkin spice flavor, Taro flavor, Kombucha flavor , Cookie cream (Oreo-like) flavor, Cocoa Hazelnut (Kinder Bueno-like) flavor and Palm
Fruit flavor.


Aromatech Turkey presented its Gourmet Tastes concept in ice cream application

Aromatech Turkey organized an Innovation day for one of the big Turkish ice cream
producers and presented its Gourmet Tastes concept in ice cream application.

San Sebastian Cheesecake flavor, Tres Leches dessert flavor, Magnolia dessert flavor have been the most liked flavors.

Plant-based meat presentation & trend USA

Aromatech USA created a new plant-based meat concept in collaboration with Tasty Food Solutions and presented its innovative flavors in vegan white meat, red meat and marinade applications to Van Hees USA parallel to the fast growing plant-based meat
industry trend.