Cost-Reduction, Texture Improvement and Health Benefits for your Brand

Sojaprotein is one of the largest soybean processing facilities in Europe with a capacity of 250,000 tons per year. It also ranks among the most important soybean processors in Europe because it is one of the few companies to process exclusively non-genetically modified soybeans (non-GMO) and strictly control their origin and quality which adds value to the entire product range. The Sojaprotein factory was founded in 1977.

Benefits Of Soy Products’ Application In The Food Industry

  • Using functional effects of soy proteins (water binding, expansion, viscosity, gelling, cohesion and adhesion, emulation) enhances sensory properties of food products: appearance, consistency, texture, taste, juiciness.
  • Adding soy products increases the overall nutritional value of food products which can then be classified in the group of products with special properties (healthy, dietary, or therapeutic). Soy products represent high-value food ingredients since soy proteins contain all the essential amino-acids necessary for the normal functioning of the body.
  • The use of soy products enables the reduction of production costs and the standardization of quality with constant stability levels.

Product Portfolio For Meat Industry

Sojaprotein has a range of textured soya products that can offer a meat-like texture and mouth-feel in any food product in which different marinades can be added to create various products such as shawarma strips, curry fillet, tikka cubes, tandoori bites, steak and much more.