Gulfood Manufacturing 2021 - Meat Ingredients

It was a delight to meet with many of you during the Gulfood Manufacturing Exhibition in early November after more than a year of being distanced.

This year FSL showcased its innovative capabilities with a dedicated Innovation center which highlighted the customized ingredients solutions which we have developed for our food and beverage manufacturing customers in the Middle East.

We are very proud to announce that our Plant-Based Shish Kebab won the Gulfood Manufacturing Industry Excellence Award for Innovative Ingredients Solutions and we also won an award for our Plant-Based Chocolate Spread with 50% reduced sugar and no Palm Oil. Our other plant-based solutions for Plant-Based (vegan) Burgers, Nuggets, Hot Dogs, Salmon Burgers and Bacon also received a lot of attention and were well received at the show.

These formulations were developed entirely in-house by FSL and mark a new era for our company as innovators of ingredients solutions specifically designed for the GCC market.

In addition to plant-based meat analogues, FSL was also showcasing a wide variety of other solutions at our Innovation center such as:

  • Sugar Reduced Bakery Solutions
  • Spreadable Halawa
  • Egg Reduced Cake Solutions
  • Plant-Based Dairy Alternatives
  • Immunity Boosting Juices
  • Kombucha and Functional Beverages
  • Plant-Based RTD Coffee,

In this edition of our Meat Ingredients newsletter we will be featuring unique plant-based Soya Concentrate Replacer solutions from Denico and innovative Yeast Extract solutions from our partners DSM which greatly improve the taste of plant-based meat and fish analogues.