1. Alphonso:

This year the flowering has been delayed although the initial flowering seems very good. When the second flowering appeared, some of the initial flowerings were dropped due to excess heat. As of now the Alphonso crop is not excellent in the Southern regions of India. In Gujarat, on the West of the country, the crop is good and but in the Ratnagiri area the crop is not very promising.

However, it is too early to predict the situation accurately at this time. Summer rain will be needed to stabilize the crop situation and at the moment the crop seems to be a bit delayed this year. The crop won’t be normal this year and is expected to be below the standard crop.

2. Totapuri:

Although the flowering has been delayed and scattered, as of now the crop seems to be good this year. Good summer rains are needed to stabilize the crop, but once again it is too early to predict the crop situation as climate changes are likely to affect it. Farmers expect a good crop of Totapuri this year, which may not be like the 2019 crop situation, but the Totapuri crop is also delayed (by a week or 10 days). However, it should be a normal crop.

3. Brazilian mango (Palmer):

The new palmer mango crop for 2019/2020 in Brazil, which started in mid Q4 2019 till Q1 2020 is smaller in quantity compared to the crop of 2018/2019. Due to the high local demand for fresh fruits, the available quantity for factories producing mango pulp and puree concentrates is scarce. Due to the high global demand for Brazilian mango puree concentrate there has been a significant price push compared with the prices for the same product Ex crop 2018/2019. Currently the uncontracted quantities are limited and there are rumors that the price will reach up to USD 950/mt FOB by later this year.