Immunity Boosting Juices


In response to these market dynamics FSL and Medibel have co-developed a range of no-sugar added Immunity Boosting Juices which are tailor made to the taste profiles of the GCC region. These range of juices contain natural ingredients such as Ginger, Turmeric, Ginseng, Vitamin B and Ashwagandha which provide a healthy boost to the immune system and a wide range of other health benefits.

However, taste will always be a key motivator for repeat purchases and these juice blends are carefully designed to suit the local taste profiles of GCC consumers offering delicious and refreshing new taste and flavor profiles. Combined with a daily dose of healthy ingredients in a single serving, this new range of juices adds value to the consumer and can hence command a premium on the shelves. When it comes to their immune systems and health, we can safely estimate that a large majority of consumers would be willing to spend a little extra.


Immunity boosting Turmeric drink with juices of orange, apple, pineapple, mango puree, carrot puree and passionfruit.


“A unique tangy orange profile with a spicy zing that makes it a perfect way to build immunity and kickstart your day.”




Immunity boosting berry juice with Ashwagandha and juices of apple, grape, pomegranate, cranberry, aronia and cherry.


“A mellow berry flavor with a soft sweet finish which tantalizes the taste buds.”
“Appreciated by adults and children making it an easy way to make sure the whole family get their vitamins and ashwagandha goodness.”



Immunity boosting juice made of pear, kiwi, apple, lemon, kalamansi juices and banana puree – fortified and enriched with Vitamin B.


“A green and earthy profile which will appeal to women and adults inclined towards a healthy lifestyle and who are seeking alternatives to sweet taste profiles.”




Immunity boosting Ginger drink with apple, carrot, sweet cherry, blueberry, blackcurrant, black carrot and banana puree.


“A sophisticated taste profile with a bold ginger finish and the right balance between sweet and sour.”
“This one will be appreciated by adults and beverage connoisseurs, offering them a daily dose of healthy ginger and vitamins as they read a book or watch their favorite TV show.”



Immunity boosting juice with Ginseng, banana puree, grape, pear, apple and yuzu juice.


“A tropical flavor explosion with a tangy twist. Contains revitalizing ginseng to power today’s busy on-the-go consumers who forget to take their vitamins and need some energy in the middle of the day.”




Immunity boosting lemon juice with orange and grape juice, safflower extract and healthy boosting honey.


“A tangy lemonade with the aroma of honey – a refreshing on-the go rehydration drink for active adults and kids – offering energy and an immunity boost in a single shot.”