The global area for grape cultivation this year is approximately 7.5 million of hectares of which Spain takes a share of about 950,000 hectares which produces 5.1 million of tons of grape.

Traditionally, in Spain 51% of the cultivated area is for the red grape variety of which the most important variety is “Tempranillo” which represents 41% of total red grape production.

When it comes to white grape, Spain cultivates about 47% white grape from the total production of grape in the country. The most important white grape variety is “Airen” which represents 47% of the total white grape varieties.

2017: 35.37 Million Hectolitres
2018: 50.36 Million Hectolitres
2019: 37.73 Million Hectolitres
2020: Spain expects approx. 43 Million Hectolitres due to good weather conditions.

Normally, Spain allocates about 10% of its grape harvest for the production of juices and concentrates while the rest of the crop is sold into the wine industry.

This year the expected production in Italy is about 46 Million of Hectolitres and in France the expected production is around 44 Million of Hectolitres which are the other 2 important grape producing countries in Europe.

After an average 2020 harvest in Argentina, the exports for grape have now recovered back to normal levels. Argentinian production for 2020 is about
14 Million Hectolitres of which 5 Million Hectolitres are designated to grape juices.

The Middle East market has been very important for Argentina this year due to a large demand for WGJC in 100% fruit juices. Traditional markets such US and Canada are taking product at regular levels. Despite the ongoing pandemic, most of the facilities are running at in full production capacity. If these demand levels persist for the rest of the year, Argentina will be short on inventory as the new 2021 crop harvest is still far away. However there is speculation on the impact of frost next month that could effect the new harvest from the northern hemisphere.