• Due to COVID-19 there has been a significantly lower movement of fruit into the export and domestic/fresh market. Interstate lockdowns, lack of labor and transporters are all factors restricting the steady arrival of fruits at the factory.

  • Skilled laborers are no longer available since they have gone back to their villages due to the lockdown and it might not be viable for them to come back to the factory until the lockdowns are completely lifted. Even if they do come back, they will have to be quarantined and checked before coming into the factory which is certain to cause further delays in production.

  • Freight transporters are also in a similar situation where they are finding it challenging to find drivers since they have also gone back to their villages and are unlikely to return. Even if drivers are available, state border clearance is not easy and even though the port is functioning it is difficult to get through customs and other clearances due to a lack of staff at the port.

  • As operations are being scaled down production might not be at full capacity this season.

  • Apart from the fruit price, we also expect labor and transportation costs to be much higher this year due to COVID-19.