Trending Flavors Featured for Ramadan

Hibiscus is a flowering plant which is rich in antioxidants, giving it a bright red color and which is also known to be a rich source of Vitamin C.

For centuries, hibiscus flowers have been used in teas due to their antioxidant rich properties and fragrant flavor which has created commercial opportunities for them in various industry sectors.

The distinct tangy taste of Hibiscus along with its vibrant color, offers appeal to beverage manufacturers and have been used in West Africa, Central and South American beverages for more than a decade – this trend is now going global in 2022.

The wonderful taste of hibiscus which includes, floral, herbal and fruity berry-like notes make it a versatile flavor which works well in various applications such as teas, salad dressings, sorbets and even in cakes.

Hibiscus is also one of the traditional drinks consumed during the Ramadan season for its health benefits and thirst quenching properties. It can be combined with other fruit flavors such as tamarind, lemon or even in rosewater with soda to offer a refreshing experience.

Aromatech has developed a Hibiscus Flavor which is as close to nature as possible and FSL’s technical team can assist you in the development of colorful and flavor rich drinks for this Ramadan season in addition to a wide variety of other applications such as ice creams, spreads, cakes, cookies and candies.

Health Benefits of Hibiscus Drinks and Teas