The global pandemic has driven a definitive shift towards healthier products as well-being and immunity became key priorities for everyone.

There has been a surge in new product launches fortified with vitamins and minerals and 4,450 new products launched in 2020 with immune boosting claims according (Innova Market Insights).

We have also seen strong regional growth in the market for meat and dairy plant-based alternatives with plant-based milk sales in the UAE growing by 50% in 2020 and the regional meat industry launching their own plant-based meat analogues.

In previous editions of our newsletters, we presented flavor ranges for healthy food options such as kombucha, plant-based meat and carbonated drinks with Vitamins and Minerals.

In this issue of the FSL Flavors Newsletter we will be presenting a range of Vitamin and Mineral fortified Ready-To-Drink (RTD) Coffees with some exciting flavors that are growing in popularity.

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As the traditional Arabic Qahwa ritual evolved towards a more modern lifestyle, coffee has become one of the fastest growing commodities in the Middle East. According to the World Coffee Portal, Dubai is the most developed coffee shop market in the Middle East and the focal point for coffee innovation with a dedicated Coffee Center in the Dubai Multi Commodities Center (DMCC).

Another survey conducted by the same agency revealed that 88% of 200 industry leaders believed that there is still significant growth capacity in the coffee shop markets in the UAE. A 2020 report by Statista revealed that coffee commanded 10% of total beverage sales in Dubai alone.

Coffee serves multiple purposes: It is associated with socialization, it is enjoyed after a meal and it has a unique taste which consumers of the product come to love. However, coffee is primarily consumed for its caffeine content which perks the mind and helps most of us kick start our day and rejuvenate in the afternoons. This unique property of caffeine which lifts mood, awakens and energizes drives coffee sales into a daily habit with a large market. Along with water, coffee and teas are daily drinks for most. However there are very few on-the go options for busy consumers in the GCC. In a warm climate like ours there is a hot opportunity for chilled RTD Coffees which are price competitive with barista offerings and imported products and which add value with health benefits as well – a USP which is not offered by any other product in the market.


FSL, Aromatech and SternVitamin have developed Ready-to-Drink coffee formulations which are fortified with your daily dose of vitamins and minerals and with immune boosting benefits. However, taste was the most critical factor for us in the development of this range and our goal was to beat the market leaders with a combination of winning flavors that will entice the indulgent and coffee loving GCC consumer.

Vitamin A Essential Vitamin for immune system support, vision, bone health, reproductive health and vital organ function.
Vitamin C Essential Vitamin for immune system support with antioxidant properties. Lowers the risk of heart disease, aids with iron absorption, prevents dementia and various other illnesses.
Vitamin D3 Essential Vitamin for immune system support, to strengthen bones, improve mood, improve heart function and to aid in weight loss.
Vitamin B(Riboflavin) Essential vitamin for healthy metabolic function and to maintain the body’s energy supply.
Niacin Essential Vitamin which acts an antioxidant to help the digestive and nervous system in addition to maintain skin health.
Vitamin B6 Essential vitamin for proper cell and immune system function. Also necessary for maintaining a healthy nervous system.
Iron An essential mineral which helps transport oxygen throughout the body. Iron eliminates fatigue, boosts hemoglobin and plays a vital role in the immune system function.
Calcium An essential nutrient for bone health. Calcium also plays an important role in muscular movement and cardiovascular function.
Ginseng Anti-Inflammatory and Antioxidant properties. (See more information below).
Guarana Antioxidant and also helps improve blood flow and heart health.

Our Vitamin and Mineral premix from SternVitamin offers a full matrix of health and wellness attributes with immunity boosting vitamins and minerals in addition to Ginseng and Guarana which offer the following benefits and value to the consumer.



Ginseng has been medically documented as an effective anti-inflammatory with antioxidant properties. Ginsenoside is the active compound in this plant which helps block cell damage caused by oxidative-stress and free-radicals in the body. Ginseng has been proven to improve mental function, enhance calmness and with Ginseng being rich in phenolic compounds, it also supports the immune system.


Guarana is rich in antioxidants which aid cardiovascular health by improving blood flow and preventing the blood from clotting. Research has shown that it also contains theophylline and theobromine, substances like caffeine which improve memory and cognitive skills. These substances are also known to boost energy and aid fatigue.


Taste will always be king, hence FSL and Aromatech have designed 5 flavor profiles with a track record of success and which synergize with the GCC market taste preferences:






We believe in taking coffee from a drink into an experience, offering a boost of energy with a daily dose of essential vitamins and immunity boosting ingredients to support the busy on-the-go consumer in a post-COVID world.